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UV TECH Protectant & Rejuvenator by McNett

Posted on Sep 7, 2011 by in Miscellaneous, Other Reviews | 1 comment

UV TECH Protectant & Rejuvenator (8 oz spray bottle)

Manufacturer: McNett
Options:  2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz
Retail Price: $7.99 (?)
Product Details:

UV Tech is powerful protection for use on hundreds of items including dry suit seals, kayaks, binocular housings, boat covers and a variety of outdoor fabrics and materials. Rejuvenates synthetic and natural materials and protects surfaces from sun damage and color fading. Restores gear to its original condition and prolongs gear life. Ideal for float tubes, waders & more.

* Reduces Damage and Fading From The Sun.
* Replaces Lost Plasticizers.
* Protects For Easy Cleaning.
* Improves Appearance, Enhances Color.
* Nontoxic, Biodegradable, Nonflammable.

I bought this to use as a cleaner / “bloom” remover on my original style Hunter boots. It works quite well. Between this spray and a bit of good, old-fashioned elbow grease, I would say that I was able to remove 85-95% of the “bloom” and dirty spots on my boots. I was quite happy that my year-old boots looked relatively new again afterwards. It also seems like using the spray periodically helps prevent these conditions from occurring.

I’d recommend this to people who are looking to clean or protect natural rubber products, especially Hunter boots. Just know that you need to put a little work into cleaning, and that the spray probably won’t work miracles (but hey, it might if you put in the effort).







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  1. i dont own any , but i think that if you spray them once a week, thats good. i think if you do it aroymne then that you might start to ruin the boots with the spray. hope this was helpfull

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