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Matte Screen Protector Film for Nook Simple Touch by amCase

Posted on Jan 21, 2012 by in e-Reader Accessories, Other Reviews | 0 comments

Premium Matte Screen Protector Film  (Anti-Glare) for Nook Simple Touch Reader (2-Pack)

Manufacturer: Amz Express
Retail Price: $15.99
September 12, 2011
Product Details:

amCase (TM) Premium Screen Protector is made from superior quality 3-layer PET film, and specifically designed to fit Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader. It effectively reduces glare and protects the Nook screen from daily scratches, dust and scrapes. With self-adhering surface, the film is designed for easy application and zero-to-minimal bubbles during application. A bubble removal card is also included to remove the occasional bubble easily. Two screen protector films, micro-fiber cleaning cloth and bubble removal card are included.

This screen protector is just perfect.  I have found through personal experiences and that of friends and family members that one must be extremely careful when purchasing screen protector films.  All too often, products are cheaply made, not sticky enough, leave residue, aren’t anti-glare like advertised, don’t fit the product well, etc.  This film by amCase has none of these issues.

The film does what it says, and it does it well.  Included in the package are two films.  The screen protectors are truly matte, which makes them anti-glare, and leaves a nice texture.  They are cut well, and I found that they fit nearly perfectly on my Nook Touch.  Most importantly, in my opinion, is that the screen protector did not change the quality of the screen.  The screen of my Nook Simple Touch with the protector film still looks, feels, and responds like a Nook Simple Touch without one.

As long as you can effectively apply a screen protector (hint: a post-shower steamy bathroom and a roll of scotch tape are your best friends), this film will leave you with unobtrusive protection that looks and feels great.  And that’s all we ask from any screen protector.  Well done, amCase.







Look and Feel:




* Note: not purchased at retail price

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