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Kandle II by Ozeri

Posted on Sep 9, 2011 by in e-Reader Accessories, Electronics, Other Reviews | 0 comments

Kandle II LED Book Light in Black

Manufacturer:  Ozeri
Colors:  Black, White, Graphite
Retail Price:  $49.99
September 6, 2011
Product Details:

  • Newly introduced in 2011, the Kandle by Ozeri II is powered by 3 ultra bright lifetime X2 LEDs that are optimized to distribute light evenly without creating glare or eyestrain.
  • Improved power button offers 3 levels of brightness from ultra bright to soft light for the perfect screen illumination.
  • New patent-pending WideLip design attaches to the Kindle, Sony Reader and other eBook readers without blocking the screen.
  • Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination.
  • Includes 2 CR2032 batteries installed (plus an extra set of batteries) and protective pouch. Exclusively warrantied by Ozeri to original purchaser. There are no factory authorized resellers.

I am quite pleased with my Kandle thusfar. I should start out by saying that I do not own a Kindle. I own a Nook Simple Touch Reader, and the Kandle fits great on the top or either side. If you were like me, wondering if this Kindle-advertised product would work for you, the answer is yes! I believe that the Kandle will work on almost any e-reader due to the clip design. The light can be clipped on so that the reader lip sits far back into the clip, or more toward the end, depending on the size of the edge of your reader and your preferences. The clip holds the light to the reader sturdily, and stability shouldn’t be a problem unless you severely jostle your reader. The foam lining on both sides of the clip protects the surface from scratches, so I do not fear using the light on my naked reader. This was a must for me, because I didn’t want to have a cover on my Nook while reading.

The Kandle is nice and compact, so it isn’t a huge accessory that dwarfs your e-reader like some lights. It folds up to be quite small, and even comes with a little carrying pouch. The weight of the product does not significantly affect the reading experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the small size and weight.

Lit by three LEDs, the Kandle provides bright light to the entire reader screen. I am pleased by the lack of glare and the most even distribution of light I’ve ever seen from a book light. The two pivoting arms allow you to adjust the light to a variety of angles, allowing you to ensure the entire screen is illuminated from pretty much any placement. The Kandle II also has two brightness settings, which I found quite handy. It’s good to be able to select a brightness, allowing you to easily read in conditions from dim lighting to pitch black darkness.

The Kandle includes a carrying pouch, two extra batteries (two are pre-installed) and a screwdriver to remove the battery compartment cover. I thought these things were a nice touch.







Look and Feel:




*Note: not purchased at retail price


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