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FitFolio for Nook Touch by Speck

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 by in e-Reader Accessories, Other Reviews | 3 comments

FitFolio for Nook Touch in Peacock

Manufacturer:  Speck
Colors:  Black, Peacock, Aubergine
Retail Price:  $29.99
January 18, 2012
Product Details:

FitFolio is a Nook Touch case that combines the fit of a precision-molded hard shell case, with the cover-to-cover protection in a book-style folio. The form-fit hard-shell cradle keeps your Nook Touch securely in place, so it doesn’t slip or slide, even when the cover is folded back and held in one hand. A vegan leatherette book-style cover protects the Nook Touch screen when it’s in your bag or your jacket pocket. The cover is lined with super-soft padded microsuede and is held securely in place with a small bungee cord.

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When I bought my Nook Simple Touch Reader back at the end of August 2011, I thought I knew what I wanted.  You see, before I bit the bullet, I also owned a Nook Color.  For those that do not know, the Nook Color was the considerably heavier, color LCD cousin of the Nook Touch.  I decided to buy the Nook Touch because of my increased need for daylight reading, and my increased time in front of backlit screens, thanks to pharmacy school.  When I went to Barnes & Noble and played with the live demo, one of the things I was struck by (aside from the amazing e-ink screen) was how light the machine was.  So, I thought that I wanted a naked Nook Touch.  I had purchased an Oberon cover for my Nook Color, and while stunningly beautiful, it certainly didn’t help the weight factor.  So, I used my Nook Touch this way for several months.  Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t live totally dangerously.  I did buy an envelope from BuiltNY on sale from Best Buy so I could slip the reader into bags without worry.

However, as time passed, I found myself kind of wanting a case, more and more.  However, my biggest problem was the bulk factor.  All the cases I had seen, time and time again were too heavy, or didn’t look attractive, or added far too much bulk for my tastes.

Enter the Speck FitFolio.  It was the first case I found that didn’t seem to add bulk, aside from a silicone wrap, if you can call that a case.  And who wants to deal with all that dust and fuzz and hair silicone always attracts like an ultra-strength magnet?  Not me.  But I digress…  The FitFolio seemed like the answer to all my problems.  And it even came in a color of blue that I adored.  Still, I hesitated.  Could I really justify spending another $30 on accessories for my Nook Touch?  Especially in such a financially iffy time of my life?  So I said no to it, repeatedly.  However, the desire to purchase it kept playing at the back of my brain for weeks.  Eventually, I gave in.  Then the problem became which color to get.  I’m a traditional black kind of girl normally.  Black cases are classy and don’t get stained or dirty like colors do.  But that blue, it was so pretty.  Could I deal with it?  Would it end up ruined nearly immediately?  Was it even as brilliant of a blue as it showed in the picture?  I couldn’t seem to find reviews of it anywhere…

Well, long story short, I bit the bullet and ordered the peacock blue version from Speck.  I figured if I changed my mind, I could just send it back.  Speck has an awesome return policy in that you can return an item without explanation within 30 days.  It turns out they send you a prepaid FedEx label right in the box with your shipment.  My package arrived in short order, a pleasant surprise from a free shipping service.  When I opened the box, I knew I had made the right choice.  It was simply adorable!

The outside surfaces of the case are made with a faux leather material that is grained like real leather.  The e-reader is held in by a form-fitting plastic cradle, which snaps into the same places on the Nook as the official cases.  The inner top surface is made of a suede-type material, so the top surface and screen of the Nook will not be damaged by the case.  The closure is a bungee cord, which functions from both directions (to hold the case closed, or to hold the back flap open).  This method of enclosure is nice because it adds minimal bulk to the case.

Overall, I am greatly pleased with the design.  The FitFolio is pretty much everything I was looking for in a case.  It’s gorgeous, it’s non-bulky, not very heavy, leaves the power button and cord port open, and it just feels nice.  The thing I dislike most about the case is the suede inner lining.  I understand that it functions to protect the screen, but when I fold it back to read my Nook, I feel as if the most vulnerable (to stains, wetness, debris, etc.) surface is stuck on the bottom, where it is most likely to get stuff on it.  I’d rather it have been made from some sort of fabric, which I feel would be less vulnerable to stains and picking up dirt.

Full disclosure, I did ScotchGuard the crap out of this case, because my fear about the color still haunted me.  I would have to say, “officially”, that I do not advise this because it is not on the list of approved materials for the spray.

At first, I just did the inner suede surface, which turned out fine.  I can say that you can do that without much fear.  Just make sure you wipe off any excess that gets on the plastic cradle, because it will leave white residue and may actually damage the surface if left on.  However, you have to be careful if you are going to do the outer surface.  I followed the directions on the can, left it to sit overnight on the third coat… and thought I had totally ruined my $30 case.  Seriously, heart stopped for a moment.  It seems that the faux leather is actually made out of some sort of plastic, because the spray left white splotchy residue on the outer surfaces.  However, I had a great little idea that totally solved my horror story.  I laid the case back out, and saturated it with ScotchGuard again.  This time, however, instead of letting it evaporate on its own to leave spots, I took a fresh white rag, and rubbed the surface gently in wide circles, sort of “buffing out” the problem places.  I did this another time, then let the whole thing dry as normal.  I do believe that this did actually work, and did not remove the protective spray layer itself, because the case smelled faintly of ScotchGuard afterwards still.  Again, I must say that I would not officially advise this practice, and that you would follow my example only at your own risk.  I made my negative experience into a positive one, but your mileage may vary.

If you are looking for a cute, functional case that is form-fitting and adds minimal bulk to your Nook Simple Touch Reader (or any other reader for which Speck makes a FitFolio), I’d say look no further.  I have loved my time with this case, and I think you will too!







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  1. Hi there I stumbled upon your website by mistake when i was searching Yahoo for this matter, I must point out your blog is totally useful I also enjoy the theme, its wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the review! I purchased a Nook touch as well as a case back when there were very few options. I cannot stand the bulky, no-clasp, case and I rarely use it. This review has been incredibly helpful!

  3. Had the same problem — all the covers out there are too bulky. Went ahead and ordered this based on your review. Thanks!

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